Firewater Manifolds



Tennacor offers high volume fire water manifolds to suit the clients specific requirements. With Tennacor’s high volume fire water manifold solutions, you can obtain a large volume of water where you need it when you need it. We offer the engineering support and customization of our fire water manifolds to meet your specific needs.

Since most existing fire hydrants are not provided with high volume outlets, Tennacor designs and fabricates these special High Volume Water Discharge Manifolds for use with high capacity monitors and other high volume equipment. We fabricate our fire water manifolds to the most stringent guidelines and QA/QC requirements of each specific client.

High volume monitors and other high volume equipment require a high volume water inlet supply system (piping and hose) with minimum restrictions. In nearly all cases, High volume (4,000 gpm to 14,000 gpm) monitors should be supplied with either 5” or 6” diameter hose from the fire water manifold to the cannon.

A typical fire water manifold has a single flanged inlet, such as 12”, and up to six or more 5” or 6” outlets. On the manifold outlets we supply a large internal waterway valve typically with a “Storz” quick-connect type coupling on the outlet. We offer our fire water manifolds in many various configurations and they are completely customizable to suit your needs.

Please contact us as we would be happy to discuss your fire water manifold requirements and provide you with a solution to your specific needs.