Oilsands Washbay Equipment


Tennacor offers industrial washbay equipment and the engineering support services that can equip heavy hauler truck washbay facilities with even the most stringent requirements. With Tennacor’s washbay equipment solutions, you can decrease truck cleaning turnaround time and maximize shareholder value by limiting heavy hauler truck downtime.

Most oil sands companies that employ the “truck and shovel” extraction method for mining their reserves are outfitted with heavy hauler truck Washbays. Typically these Washbays are connected to the Truck Maintenance shop, and the Washbays are employed to remove the thick oil encased mud that cover the mining trucks when they are in for servicing or scheduled maintenance. Some of these mining trucks are the largest in the world, typically a CAT 797 is used, and these trucks can deliver as much as 500,000 tonnes of oil sand per day to the ore preparation plants. These trucks stand in the range of 47-50 feet in height to 47-50 feet in length.

Cleaning these massive trucks is big job. High volumes and pressures of water are used, along with degreasing solvents, to pry the mud and debris off the trucks. A typical washbay set-up has a bank of water cannons (monitors) in two levels on either side of the Washbay that are operated by an inlet valve that throttles and turns on and off the water supply to each monitor. Typically the monitors have nozzles and other items attached to the outlet orifice of the water monitors to increase the laminar flow and direct the stream of water to the customer’s requirements. Also, portable monitors, hose, pumps and other accessories are utilized in the washbays.

Tennacor has been supplying oil sands washbay equipment to the Canadian market since the early 2000’s. Our experience supplying washbay equipment for tenders/new construction and/or replacement items is extensive. We can supply the you with technical information (flow/pressure/distance) calculations.

Please contact us as we would be happy to discuss your requirements and supply you with a solution to your washbay needs.